Sunday, August 6, 2017

Happy Friends Day!

Dear blog friends, I haven't met you, I haven't seen you, but whenever I write/blog you always read and comment. I have seen the world through your photo blogs.
We grew old together, but our blogs are always young. Dear blog friends, I wish a very happy friendship day :)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

I love Black...

Black is the colour of beauty, colour of space, colour of nature and colour of the royal. It gives power and clarity. From mobile, laptop etc etc most things I use is in black. I have a list of things which is made of black which I wish to have.
1. I want the black cloak of Harry potter, broom stick along with great magic.

2. I want the black book known as "The book of the dead". As a great fan of "The mummy", I want to wake some mummies to have a big army :)
3. I want a karate black belt, not some ordinary black belt.
4. I want a black diamond necklace.
5. I want two black mummies as my body guards.

Thats it as of now :)

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Life is unfair...

Sometimes life is unfair,
leave us alone,
but those moments 
make you stronger.

Sometimes life is unfair,
make you feel like crap,
but those moments
make you understand yourself.

Sometimes life is unfair,
you wont get what you deserve,
but those moments
make you to know how to get things.

Sometimes life is unfair,
make you feel weak,
but those moments,
make you to know how to get strong.

Sometimes life is unfair,
makes you cry in despair,
but those moments,
make you to know how to take revenge.

PS : Expecting Arya will strike back and take revenge in "Game of thrones"

Saturday, July 1, 2017


Don't judge me
by my avatars.
As I have many.

Don't hate me
by my behaviours.
As I have many.

Don't love me
by my achievements,
As I have many.

Dont angry with me
by my success
As I have many.

PS : "Game of thrones" is coming soon :)

Sunday, June 4, 2017

How I will forget that Sandal Aroma?

I was sleeping peacefully. Breeze from neem tree near my window was cool. Moon was hiding behind the clouds. Was the moon shy or afraid something going to happen. It was past midnight and the whole world was resting. No traffic, no sound and no one was awake. In my sleep I felt someone was watching me. 
I thought I was dreaming. Suddenly I felt mild sandal smell inside my room. The aroma was thickening enough to wake me from sleep. I woke up and was thinking logical reasoning behind the smell. No one will be bathing or using perfume at that time. It was nearly 2 in the morning. I switched on the light. 
I have read stories that when ghosts came, with them jasmine smell will come. I thought this ghost was different, it was bringing sandal smell along with it. I was sitting in my bed waiting for the ghost to appear. After some time the sandal aroma was lessening and finally there was none. I switched off the light and went to sleep again. Have you faced such experience in your life?